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For Longer Track Life Restore links to like-new condition with hard surfacing build-up on track link tops and sides. Save time and labor 10 meters track link chain can be set up in approximately 30 minutes . . . . no additional time for setting up side rebuilding.

Easy operation Consolidated operator station moves with welding heads, providing easy access to al controls. Save time and labor Unique electric eye control prevents track link from welding errors.
Transistorized, electronic circuitry panel provides ease in operation and replacement in seconds.

Note: Max. Flow and Max. Pressure are inversely proportional and cannot be attained simultaneously.
Track Link Setting
Electric Eye Control


Dimensions (L x D x H)16.3 m x 1.37 m x 2.37 m
Shipping measurement and weight Machine 15.4 m3., 4450 kg
Power source 1.70 m3., 975 kg
Power requirements93.2kVA  E3 phase, 50/60Hz, 230V/118A, 380V/71A or 460V/59A
Welding performance(DC44V, 650A, duty cycle 100%) x 2


The MTW-K . . . . . you may save the manufacturing and shipping costs of frame and bed for tight budget shops and export markets. The MTW-K is available . . . . . you could reduce shipping costs by 50% . . . . . buying materials locally and using your shop labor to fabricate the bed and frame. The MTW-K is consisted of power supply console, carriage consolidated operator panel, modular circuitry, welding heads, wire feeders, cables, etc. Flux bind, drums and screens are available on request. Construction and dimensional drawings are detailed and easy-to-follow. The MTW-K is also prewired and designed to accommodate MARUMA Roller-Idler Attachment.
Fabricate Bed & Frame with Drawings Provided
Buy Kit
Ready for Re-conditioning
Shipping measurement and weightMachinery 4.4 m3., 680 kg
Power source 1.70 m3., 975 kg
�E�Specifications and illustrations are subject to change without notice.
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