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Optional jib crane and hoist.
Roller work table can be moved into the press frame while front idler is being repaired.


SAFETY WHEEL GUARD MRP-100, Roller & Idler Press has 100 metric ton pressing force for high speed roller and idler bushing disassembly and assembly. EASY ADJUSTMENT of center line Quick and accurate alignment of the roller center with the ram is easily established with the adjustable roller worktable. The pressing force tonnage is directly read on the gauge beside the control lever, and is easily adjusted with the relief valve on the power unit. QUICK AND SAFE HANDLING of roller and idler The roller work table riding on the rail can be turne d 360° by finger touch and moved into the press frame during disassembly and assembly of a front idler. An optional 1/2 ton jib crane provides fast handling of heavy rollers and idlers.


Press frameDimensions (W x D x H)2283 x 1000 x 1790 mm
Net weight1000 kg
Pressing force100 ton (metric)
Cylinder bore diameter150 mm
Stroke600 mm
Ram speedApproach 2873 mm/min.
Pressing 342 mm/min.
Max. pressure58.8 Mpa (600 kgf/cm2)
Press frameDimensions (W x D x H)590 x 450 x 980 mm
Net weight308 kg
Motor5.5 kW, 3 phase, 220 V
4 pole, 50/60 Hz.
(Various voltages are available on request.)


Collar removing tools After the snap ring has been removed, the track roller and collar can be disassembled from the shaft by using the collar removing tools as shown below.


Sizing discs After welding the roller, it is often necessary to restore the bore to its original size. Now expensive boring equipment and labor is not needed. Sizing discs forced through the roller bores restore them to original dimensions in a few minutes.

Bushing assembly tools Precision bushing assembly tools allow rapid assembly with accurate bolt-hole alignment.
Sizing discsSizing discs

Bushing assembly toolsBushing assembly tools
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