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Reaching the right solutions to meet the customer’s requirements and vision.
Discuss the requirements of the earthmoving machinery service workshop to match the customer’s ideas, budget and time constraints.
Take into consideration the conditions of land, existing facilities, equipment population.
Types of repair and services to be carried out.
Necessary tools and equipment to carry out those services.
Personnel organization.
Workshop Operations and Control.
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Incorporating the Concept into Viable Plans and Results.
Based on the discussions with the customer, concerning the repairs and services to be made on the projected machine population, the budget, land constraints, etc., the most suitable design of the service workshop is formulated.
Careful consideration is made to the optimum placement of each specialized work area relative to the overall workshop and offices, along with the placement of equipment within each specialized work area.
Attention to detail is made to the placement of electrical outlets, compressed air lines, water lines. Electrical requirements are calculated for each equipment to ensure adequate electrical capacity is available in the workshop.
Communication between the customer, their appointed architects and civil engineers, and Maruma will result in the construction of the optimum service workshop and a satisfied customer.
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Supporting the Customer throughout the Installation, Commissioning and Training Phases of the Works.
Wherever the site of the workshop may be, Maruma’s experienced technicians are able to provide full service support for the equipment that we supply. From the assistance in the installation and the commissioning of the equipment, to the training of the operators, we ensure that the equipment are running smoothly and that the customer has complete confidence in its operation.
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Support you can depend on when you need it.

Machines need care and service over its operating life, and Maruma is there to assist you in obtaining the optimum use of the machine. After the years pass by of satisfactory operations, you can count on us for assistance in repairs, spare parts, manuals, or operating procedures. Trouble shooting and corrective procedures are usually performed through correspondence, but if necessary, we can dispatch our technician to the site to correct the problem.
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