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This is designed to facilitate removal and installation of large electric wheels of off-highway dump trucks, front wheels, front and rear suspensions. This has a variety of uses around the shop. It’s main advantage is that it allows access to the wheels and other large components without the removal of fenders from the vehicle superstructure. It also has vertical hand adjustment of wheel adapter.

MWD-220E has the capacity of 12t in maximum wheel weight, and MWD-220E is designed with four-wheel structure for safe running.

The engine horsepower is reinforced to 20 PS compared with the MWD-120E, and the MWD-220E has been improved for better operativeness.


SAFETY WHEEL GUARD Guard for rolling prevention was installed on the Rear wheel. PARKING BRAKE Parking brake can be easily operated by one lever. OPTIONS Remote Control Air Compressor for use with air tools


EngineAir cooled
Power21.4 kW (28.7HP)
Fuel tank30 Liter
Speed Max. 1.75 km/hr.
Vertical: stroke250 mm
Horizontal: Right-left moved distance150 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)4,410 x 2,300 x 1,650 mm
Weight3,820 kg
* Specifications and illustrations are subject to change without notice.
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